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Dragon Age: Origins - Love
Dragon Age: Origins
Zevran Aranai/(Any gender) PC
Zevran ponders the meaning of love as he finally starts understanding just how love works.
What is this word that my Grey Warden seems able to use at almost anything of pleasure?
This word that seemingly can be as weak as an infant or as strong as the mightiest of dragons?
What is that?
My Grey Warden uses it for many things.
Claims of loving the forest, loving the rain. The times spent outside together, breathing the air (even as heavily scented by the smell of wet dog as it is) and wandering the forest, just talking and indulging in activities of love.
My Grey Warden also loves well-roasted boar-meat and the sweet wine introduced to us from the Tranquil mages in the Tower of Magi.
But what puzzles me is that my Grey Warden also claims to love me more than anything in this world. That I am the most important thing in the life my love lives and something that cannot be lost without inflicting my lover great pain.
And I th
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cruella by sakimichan cruella :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 37,882 2,050
The Soul Broker
   I am the buyer and seller of souls.  I’ve bought them all and I sold you yours.  For the world must run like the gears of a clock, and sometimes you tick or sometimes you tock, but everything given will be taken away and for every silence kept, a word must be said.  
   Naturally, you must assume there is cost.  For everything gained, a penny is lost; of course this life can be no different--when the check arrives, you must pay the difference.  But not all who ride on the sunday train pay the same price to get out of the rain: a king’s ransom might obtain far, far less than the pauper’s cheap pain.
   Your father paid the price of sweat, a back bent under the yoke of the world; accrued worldly financial debt but was recompensed with the jokes of a girl.  And he would say he walked away wealthy, with his empty bank account, for his daughter lives today quite healthy and loves him in equally large amounts.
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Scar by VoydKessler Scar :iconvoydkessler:VoydKessler 1,394 123 Dat Ass-assin by blueToaster Dat Ass-assin :iconbluetoaster:blueToaster 721 141
IA3 -- Conversing with Buck
Diego couldn’t sleep, and it was beginning to piss him off.  The rain pattering on the jungle canopy above him didn’t help (though it should be noted he was glad he was dry).  It also didn’t help that every five minutes or so, a dinosaur would roar; his instincts would kick in, ready to protect the newborn Peaches.  But no attack would ever come.  Of course.  Buck had explained to him that dinosaurs didn’t roar only before an attack.  They roared -- and Diego remembered his exact quote -- to tell others of their species were they were, to signal their territory, or to find a mate and spend the night in merry bouts of lovemaking.
Diego gave up.  Stretching his stiff and tired muscles (he was a tad bit sore from fighting the guanlong pack), he stood to his paws.  His ear perked up as he caught a new sound.  It was, most certainly, not a roar.  It was, in fact, a mammali
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